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Stroke Care

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Stroke or brain attack remains as among the primary causes of mortality and disability in the United States. Elder folks who suffer from this medical condition cope with physical and mental issues depending on the gravity of the attack. These include Aphasia (speech disorder), loss of memory, partial face or body paralysis, and infirmity (leg or arm).

It’s Good to be Home, Inc. in Massachusetts, a private health home care agency knows how hard it is if an elderly loved one suffers a stroke. It is important to provide intense care to your patient. Post-care is difficult. First, it is essential to formulate a plan for your senior’s day-to-day schedule. Remember that stroke survivors need help in regular activities like eating, bathing, dressing, and tidying. They become totally dependent on those looking after them.

Best Option for Family Members

The next of kin of stroke patients who cannot assume this responsibility can entrust their loved ones to reliable care specialists. Recovering at home is better compared to a rehabilitation facility. Administering care at home helps the elderly to recuperate faster and comfortably in a secure environment. However, you need to choose someone with experience, high level of tolerance, and sense of compassion.
It's Good To Be Home Inc Elder Care
These are the traits that our care professionals are known for. Besides, we can assure you that our home care providers can perform the following tasks without any problems:

Assist Seniors with Everyday Activities

Older adults who suffered from stroke cannot go about their routine without support. The caregiver can prepare the patient’s meals, assist in personal hygiene, help in modified exercises, and make sure that he or she takes prescribed medications on time.

Regain Independence

Stroke patients feel weak and helpless. They seem to have lost their independence which seniors value a lot. Routine tasks which used to be easy are very difficult to accomplish. They can hardly feed themselves, change clothes, walk around, or remember the names of their family members. This results in frustration and vulnerability. Our in-home care expert will gradually and enduringly restore these normal practices. Slowly, the patient can regain self-respect and independence.

Sense of Companionship

Relatives cannot give 24/7 care which causes elderly stroke patients to feel lonelier. Our caregivers do not simply provide help in customary activities. They can also provide emotional support throughout the recovery process. A patient who has somebody to talk to foster companionship which prevents cases of depression.

Prevent Recurrence of Stroke

Our care experts can immediately tell if there are signs and symptoms of a recurring attack. Therefore, they can promptly call a doctor or emergency medical services if medical attention is needed. The caregiver’s experience and know-how will make sure that another stroke will not happen. This is the advantage of hiring professionals over inexperienced individuals.

Choosing Us is a Smart Decision

As children of stroke patients, you surely would prefer to be with your aging parents most of the time. Unfortunately, this may no be possible. You do not have all the time because of work and other personal matters. It’s Good to be Home, Inc will gladly take your place in guiding your kin through the difficult process of healing.
We are committed to extend all the support you need regardless of the tasks that our care professionals are required to deliver. They can be available from morning to evening, the entire day, or just several hours on weekdays. It is all up to you to specify your preferences. Our flexibility allows us to offer personalized services tailored to your needs. We will be glad to discuss with you this quality care that will speed up the recovery of your elderly folks.

Donna Nelson
Donna Nelson
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I can't say enough great thoughts about their home care service. My mother was very sick and Its Good To Be Home Health Care provided the best private care we could of asked for. All the caregivers became family in the 3 months they were in our home. We've had other home healthcare companies before, but this home care agency is by far the best. Would recommend them to everyone looking for home care in Massachusetts. Thank you Colette!
Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker
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Thank you to everyone at It's Good To Be Home for the amazing private care services we received. Colette and the wonderful caregivers helped my father stay at home and in good spirits while living being home. The care became more challenging as the illness progressed and dad's physical needs grew. The house looked great all the time and the care was invaluable. You were a huge help to us, just knowing he was in good hands seeing we live out of state, I highly recommended their private home care services if you live in Massachusetts.
Roy Lamphear
Roy Lamphear
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It's Good To Be Home INC. is an exceptional home care agency near me. They go above and beyond to execute the best care for their clients and has excellent customer service too. Very reliable home health care agency that truly owns up to their name.

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